How To Whisper in Warframe

August 29, 2023
Everything you need to know about whisper function in Warframe

Warframe is a third-person shooter multiplayer game which is free to play. Players control a race of ancient warriors, Tenno, who come to awakening after centuries far away from the Earth. They will be in a war with different fractions of the central Origin. Gamers will use their powered Warframes in the game, along with various weapons, to complete the game’s mission.

Warframe is a free-to-play multiplayer game that also contains various story-driven missions. The game also includes weapons like shooting, parkour, and role-playing to help players with their advancement in their Tenno with better gear.

Warframe also comes with PvP and PvE elements, and the game supports purchasing in-game items with real-world money, but that’s not a compulsion, as progress can be made through rewards. The game is multiplayer. Hence, some form of communication is essential when completing these story-driven missions. Here’s everything to know on how to whisper in Warframe.

Whisper to your friends in Warframe.

Communication is the key to various online multiplayer games, and Warframe is no different. This communication can be between players regarding various trades or just talking to the squad while playing. The in-game chatbox in Warfame can be used to communicate, but using it all the time can be quite a hassle. Here are all the chat commands players can use to talk in the game.

/w (user) (optional message)sending message to a particular person
/g (optional message)hange to the global chat and adding an optional message after will send it in global chat.  
/c (optional message) allows one to change to clan,
/s (optional message) switches to squad chat
/r (optional message) switch to relay chat and adding a message after /r will send the message right away,  
/d (optional message)changes the chat to council chat
/i (user)           will ignore the user, making them unable to message or invite you.
/t         will shift one to the next tab in the chat box.  
/friend add (user) “(message)”helps one add a friend by simply typing the above and filling up their username and adding an optional message if you want.  

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