How To Use Synapse X

Synapse X is a popular script executor for Roblox that allows you to inject scripts in various Roblox games. It is an exploit that can be used to gain an advantage over your opponents by getting things like unlimited health, money, Robux etc in your account.

This guide will tell you how to use Synapse X executor for Roblox.

How To Use Synapse X

First, you need to download and install Synapse X on your computer and once you are done, open the folder and launch SynapseX.exe to open it.

Once it is up and running, it will automatically update itself and you don’t need to worry about anything. To add a script, launch the game with Synapse X running in the background and then press the Attach button.

This will show all the scripts installed for the game in the right column and you can then select the script that you wish to execute.

Just select a script from the list and then press execute after right-clicking on it.

To add a new script, open the Scripts folder in the Synapse X directory and then create a new notepad file by pressing right-click and creating a new text document.

Paste the code of the script in this document and then save it to create a new script. Restart Synapse X and the script will appear in the list when you launch the game.

Some games do not allow aimbots or Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) hacks but with Synapse X, you can easily see players through the walls to get an edge over your opponents.

You can also destroy objects in the game such as walls or floors and even kill other players by shooting through the walls or other objects in the environment. Other exploits include flying or teleporting in the game just like the admin of the server.

Do note that some games will detect that you are flying and will teleport you to another location or automatically remove you from the servers.

Currently, Roblox cannot detect whether you are using Synapse X so you don’t have to worry about getting your account banned with the only potential of getting banned is if the owner of the game catches you using those exploits or if someone else reports you using those exploits.

As long as you are careful in concealing your exploit then you don’t have to worry about getting banned.

There are plenty of scripts available on so you can always find one for your favourite game without having to find a spend lot of time looking for an exploit.

Just search for the game, download the script and paste it into the Script folder of the directory where Synapse X is installed.

Alternatively, you can also copy the contents of the text document, launch Synapse X and then paste the code there to execute it by pressing Attach. If it doesn’t work then try using another script or find another game to hack.

That’s it, now go ahead and use Synapse X to have fun in Roblox!

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