How To Unlock Golem – Minecraft Legends

April 17, 2023
Learn how to unlock a Golem in Minecraft Legends!

Minecraft, the game features several mounts such as the Golem to help you traverse through the open world and attack your enemies

This guide will tell you how to unlock the Golem in Minecraft Legends.

How To Unlock Golem – Minecraft Legends

In order to unlock Golems, you will need to construct the improvement called Wake the Firsts at your Well of Fate. After you find a deconstructed golem, this structure can be used to assemble them.

These deconstructed golems can be found by looking for question mark icons on the map. Do note that not every question mark is a golem and it may lead you to other things such as Towers or Bug Mounts.

Once you come across a deconstructed golem, choose the assemble option and you are good to go. You will need certain resources such as Iron and Gold to construct these golems so make sure you have an adequate amount. Each golem has its own requirements so check the map to see what a particular golem needs to awaken them.

After assembling them, you can control these golems just like any other mount. In case they die, you can find them at Village Fountains or Beacons to use them again. These giant creatures pack a lot of power which makes them ideal for protection or surprising an enemy.

That’s it, now go ahead and find yourself a chunky golem ally for your protection!