How To Set Up Shoutout Command On Nightbot [SOLVED]

October 12, 2022
Shoutouts made easy – follow this guide!

Streamer or not, we can all agree that shoutout on streams is one of the best ways to appreciate viewers who are dedicating their precious time to watching or even donating. Not only that, but shoutouts can also be a good way to thank other streamers for visiting your channel. Thankfully, there are several programs today that help streamers get on top of things like this without exerting much effort, such as the Nightbot.

To those unfamiliar with Nightbot, it is a chatbot that works with both Twitch and YouTube that allows streamers to automate their live stream chat with moderation and cool features allowing you to spend more time entertaining your viewers. Basically, it is a great way to make your stream more interactive.

In this article, we will be looking at how you could set up a custom shoutout command on Nightbot.

How To Set Up Shoutout Command On Nightbot [SOLVED]

Set Up Shoutout Command on Nightbot

To set up a shoutout command on Nightbot, first, open your Nightbot application; go to the left-side drop-down menu, and select commands.

Below commands, click on custom and you should see on your screen just like the image above.

Now click on the Add Command button over the right side of the menu.

Under the Command section, type in “!shoutout.”

Just below it is the Message section. Here, you’re going to write the message you want to appear on your stream. If you want to shoutout other streamers and put a link on their respective streams, you may also do so here, albeit with some added commands.

Here is an example of a command response that shoutouts other streamers: “Be sure to follow $(touser)$(touser)!”

Next is the Userlevel section. You would want to set this to Moderator. This is to make sure that only your mods can shoutout other streamers as they raid you.

Your Add Command menu should look like the image above after all that. Once all is clear, click on submit to finalize the shoutout command.

After all that, head over to your Twitch channel to test out the command you just set up.

There, type “!shoutout” + the user you want to give shoutout to. Make sure to add a “@” sign before the user’s name. Hit enter and the shoutout command should work itself out.

Say that the command did not work. Carefully go over the steps we did a while ago, particularly the command setup.

There you have it! That is how you set up a shoutout command using Nightbot!