How to set up a base in Sunkenland

August 27, 2023
Find out how to set up base in sunkenland

Sunkenland is the newly introduced PvE Water-themed survival game from Vector3 Game Studio, and fans are all impressed. We’ve seen games that run on land, air, outer space, and more, but this game takes you deep down to the death of the oceans, where players must build and defend bases. The threats in the game come from pirates and clans; gamers need to be ready with weapons to protect their bases.

Players can build bases and layers of security until the enemy touches them; then, it’s time for war. The game provides various defenses, so enthusiasts can shield their floors against foreign enemies. Sunkenland offers everything from tires to wooden doors, barbed wire, reinforced barricades, and more. Here’s everything to know for Gamers looking to build an impenetrable base that no one can get through.

Building a base in Sunkenland

Sunkenland resonates in post-apocalyptic times, where one must do everything to protect oneself from anything foreign. Whether the enemies are in sight or not, one must constantly look for food supplies and other essentials for survival. Gamers must continually reinforce their base and become a fortress during attacks. Here’s how to build a base in Sunkenland.

  • Press “P” to open the build menu
  • Pick from the list of items available for building the base.
  • Develop a strategy and choose materials that match.
  • Select the materials and align them on the island.
  • Pick the essential item from the list to survive in the base.
  • Use column and floor if you want to build the base in tiers.
  • To remove any item, use the weapon that can damage it.

The game promises to take one on a grand adventure of building and surviving on an island. The graphics are impressive, and the gameplay is engaging. Players who approach it with a proper strategy will be able to wear out any enemy that comes their way in Sunkenland.