How To Save A Text Message Conversation On iPhone

April 6, 2022
Let’s check How To Save A Text Message Conversation on iPhone.

While there isn’t a feature for automatically exporting a conversation, you can save an entire iPhone text conversation for later review and enjoyment using a few workarounds. Let’s go over three ways you can save a text conversation on your iPhone, plus a bonus method if you have a Mac computer as well.

Check this guide to show you How to Save A Text Message Conversation on iPhone.

How To Save A Text Message Conversation On iPhone

Share a Conversation Through iMessage

First of all, open your messages app.

Next, open the conversation you want to save.

Press and hold on one of the text bubbles you want to save and then press more.

Here, you begin selecting all the parts that you’re going to share in order to save it.

After selecting all the parts you want to share, press the arrow button.

This will pull up a new message window.

You can share to a phone number or email address.

This is just a transcript and does not keep the original message bubble format.


Another option is to take screenshots of the conversation.

To take a screenshot, have the part of the conversation you want to save visible on the screen.

Press the side button and volume button at the same time. This will save a screenshot.

Scroll up or down to get more of the conversation. Take another screenshot and repeat this until you have images of all the parts you want to save.

Screen Record

Another option is to screen-record the whole conversation to review later.

With the conversation pulled up on your phone, pull down your control center from the upper-right corner of your phone, press the screen-record button and then return back to the conversation.

Starting at the top, scroll down as you’re reading it.

Once complete, return back to your control center and stop the recording.

Now you have a video that saves in your photos of the conversation.

Export a PDF of a Full Conversation via Mac

A bonus option is to use a Mac Computer and open your messages app on it.

Pull out the conversation you want to save.

Then click “File”, then click “Print”.

Another pop-up window will open where will be your conversation.

Side note: Images will not be printed.

At the bottom, you can click “PDF”, then “Save as PDF”.

This will save a PDF of the Conversation.