How To Right Click On An Apple Mouse

If you have recently switched from a Windows PC to iMac, you may be confused about how to right-click in macOS. The Apple Magic Mouse has never had a secondary button, but there are actually several ways that you can do right-click on iMac, giving you access to a plethora of contextual menus and options throughout Apple’s desktop operating system.

In this guide, we will show you how to right-click on an Apple Mouse (Magic Mouse).

How To Right Click On An Apple Mouse

The first method is to click your mouse normally while holding down control on your keyboard.

This will enable a right-click, also known as a secondary click, instead of a normal left-click.

The second method is to set up a right-click or secondary click on your magic mouse.

To enable this, go to system preferences.

On the menu list from the System Preferences tap “Mouse”.

In the Mouse menu, select “Secondary click”.

Here you can choose if your secondary click will be on the left or right side of the mouse.

You will have to choose right.

Now, to perform a right-click, press the right side of the mouse and the secondary click menu should appear.

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