How To Restart A Windows Computer

April 6, 2022
Let’s check How To Restart A Windows Computer.

If you’re like many people out there, you probably don’t shut down or restart your computer as often as you should. But despite how easy it is to put your computer in Sleep mode once you’re done with it for the day, it’s essential to restart your computer at least once a week.  While it seems like a time-suck, restarting your computer helps it to run more smoothly.

In this guide, we will show you a few methods on how to restart your Computer.

How To Restart A Windows Computer

Using the on-screen start button

First, you have to do is click the start button to open the start menu or press the Windows key on your keyboard.

Then click the power icon.

Finally, click “Restart”.


This method is likely the best option if your applications freeze or your computer’s processing speeds take a sudden dip.

The pop-up window will override whatever is running on your screen.

In the same time press control, alt, and delete on your keyboard.

Then click the power icon in the right low corner and click “Restart”.

Using The Power Button

If the control, alt, delete method doesn’t work, you can also shut down the computer by pressing and holding the power button until you hear the computer’s fan shut off and your screen goes completely black.

Wait a few seconds, and then press the power button to turn on the computer.