How To Play Realm Royale: Beginners Guide

August 26, 2022
Realm Royale has gotten a mighty upgrade and you want in!

Realm Royale has been seemingly dead since the last update for the game got released a few years back, but because of a dedicated player base that holds the game near and dear to their heart, the small passionate Realm Royale team has been mighty busy these past few months upgrading the Realm Royale gaming experience adding new content with the re-inclusion of some older content that got discontinued.

Here are some tips to help you get used to Realm Royale faster and avoid making classic beginners mistakes!

How To Play Realm Royale Reforged: Beginners guide

Choosing a Class

Realm Royale has a unique Class System, each class plays a special part in the team. And there are 4 classes to choose from: the Warrior, Hunter, Mage and Assassin. In this part of the guide we will give you a run down of how to use the classes and what their strengths are.

The Warrior is a high DPS, close range class serving the team as the main damage dealer. When playing this class you would want to engage in close range combat since the class is pretty useless long range because of the damage drop off of the class weapons and abilities.

The Hunter is a medium to long range class with mobility, this class is very useful for your team and can be used a sort of scout and can spot enemies from far away. This class is best suited for long range combat since the class has minimum close range sustain, but is very mobile so this mobility can be used to run away from threats.

The Mage is a very good support class of the game, a very easy to use class with very good close range class weapons. This class is best used as a healer but can also be useful in solo fights since it has fight turning abilities.

The Assassin is the best long range class in the game and because of this it is the number one picked class in the game. Using the class Sniper Rifles gives certain DPS buffs as well as accuracy.

This class can wizz out of any situation unharmed as long as you react in time. You do not want to engage in close range combat since this class can easily be eliminated in close quarters.

Choosing a Good Loadout

As a part of the Class System, the game offers a Loadout System. It works with pairing certain perks for each class guaranteed to help you at the start of the round. With this system you can choose your starting ability and which weapon you Forge and other certain benefits.

Choose your loadout wisely since it can benefit you and even hurt your performance depending on the class you play.


To get the best loot you and your team will need to drop close to a forge since this is where most of the good loot will spawn and then you can use the forge to make your character even stronger.

When you drop close to a forge start searching for a class chest since you get the best loot there, if there’s a fight this early and you don’t have basic class weapons run away and try to find some before engaging.

Disenchant unwanted items

One thing that a lot of new players do not do is Disenchant their unwanted weaponry and abilities. Because of this oversight, a lot of new players will not have enough shards in order to forge. Disenchant everything you do not use, the shards will help you in the late game.


In order to get stronger, you need to use the forge. The forge is like an upgrading/shop station in the game using the previously mentioned Shards as currency. Here you can upgrade weapons and even craft your class weapons.

There are forges scattered around the map in every area, use them to your advantage go from forge to forge to get even stronger!

Upgrade and Use Armor

The Armor is back and is better than ever, so you will need to use it to gain the best advantages. The armor is divided into 4 pieces each serving its own purpose.

The Helmet grants You Cooldown Reduction and the more you upgrade it the more cooldown reduction you gain.

The Chest Plate grants You Health and Armor Regen.

The Gloves grant You Weapon Reload and Swap Speed.

And the Boots give You movement Speed.

Use Abilities

Realm Royale is an open world Battle Royale game with a big emphasis on abilities, use all of your abilities. You can benefit from your abilities in any situation so don’t forget about them.

Kill Loot Goblins

Loot Goblins are goblins that burrow under ground but when you approach them they get startled and try to run away, When killed these goblins drop top tier loot.

Hunt them down unless you’re in the late game where the ring has closed off a big portion of the map since they can run into the zone and hunting them is very dangerous

When chickened do a tactical retreat

This means when you get chickened try to get to higher grounds avoiding the enemy since they have probably used up all of their movement abilities whilst fighting you.


These are all of the beginner tips you will need in order to get that sweet Victory Royale. Go out there and show the others who’s boss.