How To Open Curtis Valuables Safe Dead Island 2

The Curtis Valuable Safe is one of the first lockboxes that you come across in Dead Island 2. You will discover this safe during a side quest where you need to clear Curtis Sinclair’s mansion infested with zombies. However, just like any other safe, you will need the corresponding key to unlock it.

This guide will tell you how to open the Curtis Valuable Safe in Dead Island 2.

How to open Curtis Valuables Safe Dead Island 2

The Curtis Valuable Safe can be found on the northeast side of the first floor in the Curtis mansion. You can head over to the centre of Bel-Air to find the house and access it from the Alpine Drive road.

However, unlocking this safe requires a key and you will need to progress further into the story until you reach the Justifiable Zombicide quest. Once you reach there, head over to the back of the house to find the Screamer Hotspot.

If the hotspot isn’t there then you need to wait till you progress further into the story. After you reach the area with the large monogrammed chest, you will need to look for screamers in the area and clear them.

Soon enough you will face a zombie called Crystal the Lawyer and killing him will grant you the Curtis Safe Drop Key. Once you get your hands on this key, head back to the mansion where the safe is located and use the key to unlock it.

After opening the safe, you will be able to grab the cash inside as well as the Tactical Heavy Revolver which can deal some serious damage. This early revolver is well worth the tough encounter that you face while fighting against Crystal the Lawyer.

That’s it, now go ahead and defeat this screamer to get your hands on the key!

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