How to Obtain the NEW Blood Elf MOUNT, Armor Set & Weapon Transmogs in Patch 9.2.5: World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Published: 1 Jun 2022
Check out this guide to collect the Blood Elf Mount, Armor Set and Weapon Transmog in World of Warcraft!

The latest World of Warcraft 9.2.5 update has added a new Blood Elf gears and items to the game. In this guide, we will tell you how to obtain all these items in World of Warcraft

How to Obtain the NEW Blood Elf MOUNT, Armor Set & Weapon Transmogs in Patch 9.2.5: World of Warcraft Shadowlands

The latest 9.2.5 update adds new Heritage Armor, Weapon and Mount for the Blood Elf character in the game.

In order to get both the mount and the transmog, you will need at least level 60 Blood Elf characters and you will also need to be exalted with Silver Moon for that specific character.

To obtain the polearm for the transmog, you will need to have Blood Elf as a class that can actually wear a polearm such as Warrior, Death Knight and Paladins. Next in order to get the Blood Knight Armour set, you will need to be a Blood of Paladins specifically. While the transmog can only be used on Paladin, the polearm can be used on any class and race combination.

When you meet these requirements, you will need to complete a 16 set quest chain located in Oribows at Lady Liadrin at the above location.

She will give you the quest called “Summons from the Matriarch” and completing this quest will require 30 minutes of time.

The first quest will take you to Silvermoon so take the portal to Aquamar and then proceed to Silvermoon from there.

Next, you will be headed to Tranquillien in the Ghostlands to complete four quests which basically require you to kill some mobs and then collect a weapon.

The next location on your map will be Bastion and Maldraxxus which you can travel to via the portal that you will receive from the quest giver. By using this portal, you can fast travel to Oribos and then fly to either Bastion or Maldraxxus as it doesn’t matter whichever you choose first.

In Bastion, you will need to raise a Carrion boy while in Maldraxxus you will need to engage in a 1 v 1 fight against an arena fighter. Both of these missions will help you empower the weapon that you collected in the Ghostlands.

Once you are done with these tasks, you will need to travel back to Tranquillien where you will face the final enemy and use the weapon that you have obtained. During the fight, you will either need to burst the Ravens spawned by him or kill them because they can heal the enemy if you are not equipped with good gear.

After you manage to kill him, you will earn the polearm as a cosmetic reward if you are playing a class that can equip a polearm.

The next quest is the final one where you are sent back to Silvermoon to collect the Elusive Emerald Hawkstrider mount as well as the Blood Knight Armour Set if you are playing as a Paladin.

That’s it, now you successfully collected all the newly added items for the Blood Elf!