How To Make A Shield in Muck

September 17, 2021
Are there shields in Muck or what's the deal here?

Honestly, even though Muck isn’t one of the most sophisticated games ever made, it is still dear to my heart. But it can get difficult, or rather, inconveniently difficult. For example, learning crafting recipes is weird. Like, players have to collect all resources in order to learn a recipe. So, making a shield, a bow, or a sword, or even any other item is often time unbeknownst to new players. Read on to learn more about how to make a shield in Muck.

Muck: How To Make A Shield

Well, while on my grind in Muck, I noticed a shield icon next to my character in the menu. After some thorough research, which is basically me searching for videos by more competent players, I came to a conclusion.

The conclusion is, there are no shields in Muck. Yup, unfortunately that shield icon next to the character in the menu is basically a placeholder until Dani- the developer included shields, which didn’t happen.

There is more bad news I’m afraid. That shield icon has been there for almost a year now, and there were no updates or patches which added that functionality in the game.

This doesn’t mean that there will always be a lack of shields in Muck, but it does suggest that either some development issues arose by bringing shields into the game, or that the game doesn’t get updated as regularly as it was back in the day.

It is highly unlikely that the shield will be crafted with an anvil, should it ever be added into the game but it depends on what types of shields there’ll be. If they’re wooden ones, probably the workbench.

Combat didn’t change either, if I’m honest. I mean sure, there were some polished parts here and there, but it’s basically the same game as it was a one year ago.

For now, like I said, there are no shields, and I predict that there will probably never be. It is unfortunate surely, mainly because adding a shield in Muck might make fundamental changes to tactics, meta, and overall combat.

Either way, bows are still overpowered.