How To Get War Fans Weapon | Project Slayers

May 28, 2023
Knock out your enemies with these powerful War Fans!

Project Slayers recently received the 1.5 update which added plenty of new items, weapons and gear including the new War Fans. These special weapons are available for Demons and come with some powerful abilities that will instil fear in your enemies.

This guide will tell you how to get the War Fans in Project Slayers.

How To Get War Fans Weapon

In order to unlock the War Fans, you will need to reach atleast level 50 or above as it can only be found on the new Ouwohana map. While it can take a while to level up, the rest of the process is pretty easy once you reach there.

After you reach Ouwohana, open your map and purchase the Devourer’s Jaw fast travel point using the map point. Go to the horse guy and select the location from the list to travel there instantly.

Once you reach there, head towards the right and then take a left to enter the cave. Deep further into the cave by going towards the right and following the torches in the hallway. Turn left and you will find the spawn location for the Douma boss.

It’s time for a tough and challenging boss fight, be careful as the boss is really powerful with 3500 health. Avoid him if you can and then go straight through the doorway to find the War Fans.

You will need 150,000 Wens and 10 Ores to purchase the Fan. It has two impressive abilities called War Tornado and War Drums which make it a really great weapon.

Alternatively, you can also fight against the Douma boss if you are brave enough to obtain a tier 5 chest that has a chance of containing the War Fan inside.

The War Tornado ability allows players to summon a tornado that can pull opponents and nearby objects towards it thus knocking everything in its path. The War Drums ability on the other hand can activate a 20% damage buff and 32.5% speed buff for 20 seconds. You can also perform a double jump with this ability.

That’s it, now go ahead and follow these steps to get your hands on the War Fan!

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