How to get the Rabbit Badge in Find The Animals: Roblox

Published: 13 Apr 2022
Head over to this location to collect the Rabbit badge!

There are tons of different games available for players to enjoy in Roblox and one of them is the game called Find the Animals. This game requires you to find over 77 different animals from 9 parts of the world.

In this guide, we will tell you how to get the Rabbit badge in the game.

How to get the Rabbit Badge in Find The Animals: Roblox

In order to obtain the Rabbit Badge in the game, stand at the spawn point and head straight ahead into the blue coloured building in front of you.

Once inside the building, climb the stairs until you reach its highest floor.

Then use the wooden ladder to climb further and climb onto the edge where the red coloured box is placed.

Step over the box to turn it into green colour and open the cage of the rabbit. ]

Now jump from the edge towards your left and you will be able to find the rabbit sitting inside the cage.

Walk into the rabbit to collect its badge

That’s it, you have now successfully found the Rabbit badge in Find the animals game.