How To Get Sub Machine Pistol Gun Dead Island 2

The main highlight of Dead Island 2 is slaying zombies using fancy melee weapons however if you prefer killing zombies at a distance then using firearms is probably the safest bet. The Sub Machine pistol is one such powerful weapon that will help defend you against advancing zombie hordes.

This guide will tell you where to find the Sub Machine Pistol in Dead Island 2.

How to get Sub Machine Pistol Gun

In order to find the Sub Machine Pistol Gun, you need to head over to the Venice Beach area on the map. Here, you need to go to the Lifeguard Tower near the beach.

Push the switch button to open the gate and enter the tower. However, soon you will notice that you need the Life Guard Tower key to access the second gate.

Head towards the right by climbing over the car roof and use the Gas Pipe Valve to stop the gas leakage near the door.

Proceed through the door to enter the locker room and then turn left to make your way carefully through the electric current flowing through the water puddle on the floor.

In the next area, enter through the white door on the left and then head up the staircase. You will find the Blueprint for the Vigilant Perk lying on the table in the centre.

Turn left and you will find another table with the Machine Pistol lying on it. Collect the pistol to add it to your inventory. This rare pistol has 281 power and contains 75 shots in a single round.

That’s it, now go ahead and use this Sub Machine Pistol to kill hordes of zombies!

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