Roblox: How To Get Pole V2 Blox Fruits

Published: 26 Jul 2022
Click here to unlock this legendary sword in Blox Fruits!

Blox Fruits is a Roblox game where you can become a master swordsman or train yourself into a powerful blox fruit user. Players will need to fight against various opponents and bosses while exploring the world in search of secrets. This guide will tell you how to obtain the Pole V2 in the game.

Roblox: How To Get Pole V2 Blox Fruits

The Pole V2 is a legendary sword that was recently added to the game and in order to unlock it, you will need to complete a few prerequisites. First, you need to get Pole V1 and unlock both moves on that sword (180 Mastery)

The second requirement is unlocking all the 5 moves of Rumble Awakened (250 Mastery) which require 14,500 Fragments which can be quite expensive. For purchasing Pole V2, you will need 5000 Fragments.

Once you meet these requirements, head over to the factory and enter the code: Red, Blue, Green and Blue in the control panel.

Now go back to the raid place and do another rumble raid.

After the raid is complete, you will be teleported to an island in the sky where you will meet the Thunder God. You can then pay 5000 Fragments to purchase the Pole V2 from him.

This legendary sword has two moveset and the first one is the Hand of God which shoots three lightning sparks from the pole and stuns your enemies at a range.

The second is the Electric Prison which creates a small circular prison surrounding the enemies and pulls them into the centre to stun them.

That’s it, now go ahead and obtain this amazing sword to slash your enemies!