How To Get Food In Sunkenland

August 27, 2023
Let's find Food supply in sunkenland

Sunkenland has players diving and exploring the deep sea in the most interactive way possible. The recently launched survival game developed by Vector3 Game boasts impressive graphics and is entirely “ immersive.” The post-apocalyptic setting tasks gamers with building a base to protect against enemy attacks.

Sunkenland offers a variety of artillery needed to build a secure base, which gets attacked by pirates and clans. Players know building a fortress is essential, but having enough food is crucial in a prolonged battle scenario. The food search becomes vital, and saving enough for later is something Sunkenland enthusiasts must ensure. Here’s everything about the Sunkenland and where to find a food supply in the game.

Places to find food in Sunkenland

War movies and games have taught us that any great battle is through logistics. One must find out how long the fight will last. Hence, a fully equipped arsenal of food and defense becomes crucial. Although Sunkenland has just been released, players have found a place to hunt for food. The food sources in the game are scattered around; most lie underneath the sea, so grab some air and dive in to find the food locations.

  • Search for plants on the island
  • Search the building island and locate the oven
  • Search the underground locations
  • Search for crabs on the island
  • Search the building underwater and loot the fridges and the ovens
  • Build planters on the base to plant
  • Hunt or fish in the sea
  • Build a grill to cook

Sunkenland is based on survival; from building a strong base to storing supplies, the game challenges one’s ability. While locating food sources can be quite a task, food sources can be found if one is exploring the island and underwater. Players need to stack on the food for prolonged battles to emerge victorious.