How To Get Cloth In Sunkenland

August 27, 2023
We are here to help you find cloth in Sunkenland

Sunkenland promises a deep diving adventure and on-base survival gameplay. The Water-themed game from the developer Vector3 Game comes with highly immersive graphics where players will be in “amphibian mode,” switching from land to sea. Players must build an impenetrable base and stock enough food supplies to withstand enemy waves.

Sunkenland promises to explore the land and the sea with in-game items scattered over the area. Gamers must gather food supplies found on the island and deep down. The weaponry necessary for building a solid base is provided, and players can choose from a wide range of options. The character is bare-chested, and players can choose from the initial clothing provided; here’s everything to know to find clothes in Sunkenland.

Places to find clothes in Sunkenland

Sunkenland has a character who needs to survive on a lonely island where he needs to build a base and gather essentials to live on it. Besides the gameplay, players are also interested in customizing the characters, making playing even more fun and interactive. The Sunkenland character does come with a default cloth, but players can find various fabrics around the area. Here’s where one can find clothes in the game.

  • Craft clothes by using cotton
  • Scan through the underwater storage
  • Break drawers with tools might have clothes inside them
  • Search vehicles and the toolboxes inside
  • Search washing machines
  • Search Furnitures in various locations
  • Search for bootable objects

Sunkenland provides immersive gameplay for players to wander around and find items helpful for survival. The critical part of the game is building a solid base and finding supplies. Players can opt for experimenting with the character for an even more fun experience while surviving on the lonely island. Sunkenland enthusiasts should scan through various objects in-game to find the essentials the game has to offer.