Way of The Hunter How To Get Ammo

August 18, 2022
Curious to know how to get Ammo? If yes, follow the guide till the end!

Due to the limited amount of ammunition that you may carry with your gun in Way of the Hunter, gamers who are hunting wild animals risk quickly running out of ammunition. This issue will arise for new players since they will use a lot of ammunition in determining the bullet drop range. Also in all hunting games, including Way of the Hunter, buying ammunition is expensive.

There are alternative methods to obtain ammunition in many games, though. Thankfully, Way of the Hunter does too. This guide will explain how you can obtain ammunition in Way of the Hunter for free. 

How To Get Ammo in Way of The Hunter

Visit the nearby outpost. There needs to be a sizable object that resembles a shipping container with a bag emblem on it. To access the shop and your stockpile, press “e” where the icon is located. You may buy new guns, ammunition, lures, and other items here.

Whenever you buy anything that is not now in your inventory, such as a new weapon or ammo that you have unlocked, you have to go into your bag and drag it into your inventory.

Your inventory is on the right, while your stockpile is on the left. From any outpost or tent, you may access any item in your stockpile (you do not have to return to the same outpost).

You must assign new weapons or lures to a hotkey from your inventory after purchasing them (press Escape). In this area, you may drag and drop various ammo or sights onto your guns. Don’t try to buy .270 ammo for a .243 rifle; be sure you’re getting the right ammo for the weapon you’re carrying. 

How to get Ammo for Free?

You may quickly run out of ammunition when hunting wild creatures, which would force you to kill the animal in order to finish the hunt. You are looking in the incorrect spot if you’re trying to figure out where to get ammunition in the wild. 

In Way of the Hunter, engaging with a Storage Safe will yield ammunition. You must interact with the Storage Safe in order to obtain the ammunition.

Open the storage by approaching it. Your ammunition will automatically fill up at no cost this way. Inside the cabins that you may discover all across the globe are storage safes.

Along just loading your ammunition for free, there are several more things you may do in the safe while interacting with it that are as follows:

  • Verify Email 
  • Access and Manage Your Store
  • Selecting Weapons
  • Selecting Accessories
  • Sleep
  • Manage car

Also, the Bear Den Ranch has a safe that is the simplest to get to, and you may fast travel there as well. Go to this cabin and enter it by climbing the stairs.

You may find a storage safe on the computer’s left side if you enter the room where it is located. You may replenish the ammunition in your weapon by entering the Safe and then leaving the menu of the Safe.

Your Storage is the secret place where you can get free ammo
Your Storage is the secret place where you can get free ammo

You may go back to your cabin at any moment to collect free ammo for your hunt since the ammo you get from the storage is free and won’t cost you any money.