How To Get A Refund On The Nintendo Switch eShop? [EASY GUIDE]

October 11, 2022
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Online stores for games have been very popular in recent years. While there is something great and special about physical copies, there’s the hassle of having to go out to the actual stores yourself. Nothing beats the convenience of going online and getting the game directly downloaded to your console. But sometimes, mistakes are made and you may purchase something you didn’t intend to or perhaps you are not content with your purchase, you may wish for your money back.

Here’s how to get a refund on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

How To Get A Refund On The Nintendo Switch eShop?

It’s extremely difficult to get a refund from the Nintendo eShop as they have a very strict policy about their online store. On their official support page, Nintendo states that they do not issue refunds for mistaken purchases. Furthermore, they encourage players to look at reviews of games they purchase beforehand to make them better informed of their purchasing decisions.

So it seems that refunds are out of the question. However, there are rare occasions of refunds being issued.

You can try calling the Nintendo Support hotline and try talking to them there. Explain the situation wherein you are unhappy with your purchase(crashes making the game unplayable, a mistaken purchase etc.). While this is not a sure way to get a refund, it is currently the only known way people have managed to get their money back.

Once Nintendo Support is convinced, they will refund you your money, and will usually state that this is a one-time thing and they will not issue you a refund after that.