How To Fix PS5 Error WS-116483-3

September 13, 2022
Time to fix the error and get back to downloading the game!

The Playstation 5 is the pinnacle of modern gaming hardware allowing you to enjoy the finest library of Sony’s console-exclusive titles on the big screen without any worries. However, it can be really annoying when owners of the next-gen console face issues like Error WS-116483-3 that prevent them from connecting to the server.

This guide will tell you how to fix Error WS-116483-3 on the PS5.

How To Fix PS5 Error WS-116483-3

The Error WS-116483-3 usually appears on the console when you are trying to download a DLC expansion for one of the games in your library.

It is a common error that most Playstation owners are familiar with and it’s easy to fix.

In order to fix it, open your Settings and click on the Users and Accounts option.

Here you need to navigate to the Other tab and select the Restore Licenses option.

Click on Restore and wait for the process to complete.

This is because a lot of time there is an issue with your game’s license that causes the error to appear and restoring the license seems to fix it.

Once the licenses are restored, try downloading your DLC again to whether the issue is fixed. If the problem still occurs then you need to boot your PS5 in Safe Mode and rebuild all the cache.

That’s it, these troubleshooting methods will fix the issue and you will be able to download your DLC!