How to Fix Ping: Valorant

Published: 5 May 2022
Check out How to Fix Ping in Valorant!

Many players are reporting high ping in Valorant which is becoming so common lately. We all who play online games have experienced a high ping and how frustrating it is. There are so many factors that contribute to Valorant high ping issues like server location, Internet speed or your gaming station and internet setup. Before we do reports at Riot Games, there are chances that it’s your own device and setup that cause the high ping.

In this guide, we will show you How to Fix Ping in Valorant!

How to Fix Ping: Valorant

Use a LAN Cable

So many players have forgotten that LAN cables are a necessity when they are gaming. WiFi connections are not always stable as the signal is traveling through the air, and has a blocking from many obstacles in between. Plugging a LAN cable from your router directly to your computer is the best method to obtain a seamless connection and all the speed of the Internet will be prioritized directly to your device.

In case you really don’t have any access to the router to connect a LAN cable, the best solution to get a more stable signal and lower the ping in Valorant is to minimize or remove all the obstacles between you and the router itself, to keep the bars and strength of your signal always high.

Activate Network Buffering

Network buffering is an amazing feature that will help you if you have unstable connections and high ping in Valorant. There are 3 settings Minimum/Moderate/Maximum, and each setting sets how often your computer communicates with the Valorant servers and gets data packets back. If you lose more packets, you have to set them to a higher setting.

At the maximum settings, there will be fewer packets sent between the server and your device, and the game has to automatically predict the movement of the players. This will result you playing smoother gameplay.

Make Valorant a High-Priority program in Task Manager

There are so many background applications that running on your PC  even without knowing, some of them are necessary, but others might be some random downloaded apps that are running in the background.

You must close all tasks that are not related to your game. Only the Game Client and Riot Vanguard have to stay open. Some of those random apps that are running in the background might be using the internet to update and it can decrease your internet speed.

To make this method work, locate the Valorant app and set it as a high-priority program on the Task Manager.

Get a Better Internet Plan

If there is no other option, maybe it is better to check your Internet plan and if it’s not good enough for online gaming or streaming, use some cash and upgrade it to a better and faster one. It is always better to spend some money and save your health and nerves from delays and lags causing your losses.