How To Fix: Nvidia Graphics Card Driver Is Not Compatible With This Version Of Windows

Published: 27 Jul 2022
Check out this guide to resolve your Nvidia Driver compatibility issue!

Nvidia is one of the most popular GPU manufacturers that offers some amazing features like RTX and DLSS that make it appealing to both gamers and creators alike. However, there can be situations where an error message such as “Nvidia Driver is not compatible with this version of Windows” can be frustrating for users.

This guide will tell you how to resolve this compatibility issue and fix this error message.

How To Fix: Nvidia Graphics Card Driver Is Not Compatible With This Version Of Windows

This message primarily appears on operating systems such as Windows 10 and 11 when incompatible drivers get installed on your computer. One of the potential reasons behind this problem is that the drivers with the wrong architecture such as 32-bit are installed on a 64-bit operating system.

To fix this issue, follow these steps:

1. Restart your PC

The first and most basic step that you can do is to restart your computer as it will delete any corrupted temporary files or bugs that are causing this issue.

Most of the problems in your PC can be resolved with a simple restart and if the problem still persists then continue reading further.

2. Delete and Reinstall Nvidia Drivers

Many people have fixed this issue by simply reinstalling their Nvidia Graphics Drivers.

First, you need to delete your current Nvidia Drivers and to do this, open search and type devmgmt.msc in the box.

This will open the Device Manager where you can uninstall the drivers for your GPU. Click on Display adapters and then right-click the Uninstall device option.

A pop-up box will appear on your screen, click on the uninstall button to start the process of uninstalling your current Nvidia Drivers.

Make sure to tick the checkbox to delete the driver software before pressing the uninstall button.

Now head over to Nvidia’s Website: Official Drivers | NVIDIA and then select your operating system and GPU from the list to download the latest drivers.

Launch the installer and follow the instructions on the screen to install the new drivers. Choose the custom installation option and check the box to perform a clean install.After the installation is complete, restart your computer.

3. Install Windows Updates

It is possible that you are using an outdated version of Windows that is older than the one currently available leading to compatibility issues with the Nvidia Driver.

To resolve this issue, you need to simply update to the latest version of your operating system. Press Windows+I to open Windows Settings and scroll down to select the Windows & Security tab.

In the Windows Update tab, click on the Check for Updates option to find whether any new updates are available. Windows will automatically search for new updates and download them to your PC.

Press the Restart now button to install the update after it has been downloaded.

4.Install and Update Nvidia Geforce Experience

Users have reported that despite having installed the latest Windows update and Nvidia Drivers they are still facing the error message.To fix this, you need to download Nvidia Geforce Experience from the official website GeForce Experience: Game Optimizer & Screen Recorder | NVIDIA

After you have downloaded and installed GeForce Experience, install it and then log in by using your Nvidia ID. Click on the Drivers tab above and press the Download button to install the latest drivers for your GPU.

That’s it, hopefully, the error message will be resolved and your PC will start working properly!