How To Find Archived Messages On Facebook Messenger

April 6, 2022
Let’s Find Archived Messages On Facebook Messenger.

If you’re active on Facebook, chances are you make use of the social media site’s built-in Messenger app, and if you use it a lot, your inbox might be flooded with old conversations.

You can delete any Messenger conversation by right-clicking or tapping it. But you don’t have to erase these conversations forever, instead you can archive them, which will remove the chat from your inbox and move it to a new folder. This is great for savings messages from old friends, or chats with valuable information in them.

In this guide, we will show you how to find archived conversations on Facebook Messenger using the mobile app and website.

How To Find Archived Messages On Facebook Messenger

Using the Website

Go to the Facebook Messenger homepage.

Click on the chat icon, and then click “See all in Messenger”

Click the circle with the three-dots icon

Select “Archived chats”

The left sidebar will now show all your archived conversations.

You can click on any of them to view the conversation.

If you send any messages, it will move the conversation back into your regular inbox and it will no longer be archived.

You can also unarchive a chat by hovering your mouse over it on the left sidebar, clicking the three-dots icon, and selecting “Unarchive chat”.

Using the Mobile Phone

First open the Messenger app.

Then tap your profile picture in the top left corner.

In the list of options select “Archived chats”.

This will show a list of all your archived conversations.

This method works for both iPhone and Android.

You can unarchive a conversation by tapping and holding it, then selecting “Unarchive” from the list that appears.