How to Farm Gold in Rogue Legacy 2

Published: 2 May 2022
Learn the fastest ways to make gold in Rogue Legacy 2!

Rogue Legacy 2 is an amazing adventurous game that will challenge the player to go through many different puzzles, and obstacle courses and avoid traps. You will also defeat enemies as you go through different stages and upgrade your gear. Upgrading gear costs gold and perfecting yourself can sometimes cost a ton of gold.

This guide will show you how to farm gold in Rogue Legacy 2!

How to Farm Gold in Rogue Legacy 2

Secret Bonus Room

A great way to farm gold in the earlier days of the game was to clear out the purple bonus rooms that you can find on the map. These rooms are marked as purple question-marked rooms.

You’d get inside the room, clear out all the enemies, and break the furniture that is able to be broken. Each broken piece of furniture will grant you gold.

To restart the room, go to the title screen, go back to the room and you will notice that the breakable objects will re-appear again.

Knife Throwing Mini-Game

The knife-throwing mini-game can be found in one of the secret bonus rooms of the castle, you are given 12 knives that you can throw and 8 targets that you need to hit.

Hitting each target will grant you 10 gold coins, adding up to a total of 80 gold coins. The farming method here is by going to the title screen and coming back.

NOTE: You must not destroy all targets or use all of your knives. Leave at least 1 target and some knives before going to the title screen to make sure that you will reset the room successfully.