How to Complete Mission Four of Stoutheart Campaign: Songs of Conquest 

Songs of Conquest is a turn-based strategy game inspired by 90s classics. It is full of magicians called Wielders and venture to lands unknown. As a new strategy adventure game, it opens up a whole banquet of opportunities for role-playing and strategic gameplay. If you are struggling to complete Mission Four of Stoutheart Campaign, we have the right walkthrough and tips for you.

In this guide, we will show you How to Complete Mission Four of Stoutheart Campaign in Songs of Conquest.

How to Complete Mission Four of Stoutheart Campaign: Songs of Conquest 

In order to complete mission four of Stoutheart Campaign, there are some objectives that you will want to follow.

  1. First Objectives
  2. Give all Faey spirits, but first make 1 big stack and two 1-unit stacks for essence, and Faey nobles to Giandra, and all other units to Cecilia.
  3. Give Cecilia your most powerful artifacts and to Giandra whatever you have left.
  4. Occupy the lumbermill and stone deposit.
  5. With Cecilia you’ll want to clear out the west areas, and then the north area. There should be 3 small settlements where you can build farms and 1 marketplace. In the western area, make sure to avoid the big stacks of rats on the road to the west. This will provide you with resources to gather gold for your troops later. From there, head east to the north area of your large settlement. There you have to build a peasants hut, a castle, and a quarry to upgrade your castle.
  6. You have to leave some room in your army because so big militia will join you. Make sure Giandra takes 1 stack of militia. She will go to the southwest area where you will find another large settlement.
  7. After Giandra sieged the second settlement, stack up on some troops and gather resources. Once you are done, return back to help with the defense.
  8. Gnaw won’t have any of the units, and he will collect your resources. Faey units will form the forest, in the east area of your settlement.

You might not need to fight all the enemies on the map, because half of them are not worth fighting. Avoid some of them to prevent some minor losses of your troops.

  • Settlement/Army Development
  • You can get a lot of gold if you upgrade your settlements, which is why you should do this in the early game.
  • Next is your dwellings. Farm > Militia/Sappers > Spirits > Footman/Rangers > Minstrels > Academia
  • Queens Guards and Fist of Order are very hard hitters and should be prioritized by Cicilia.
  • Crush Loth
  • The 3 Loth Wielders will come from the north, and you will have to defend the small settlements in the north area. After the occupation, Cicilia should return to the base.
  • Make sure to stack up on the units that Gnaw collected and upgrade the Horned Ones and Militia. Then go back to the north to buy some knights to be able to defeat the first Wielder. If you can, upgrade your knights which will cost you Celestial Ores. You can also see your Quarry and build a rally point to get faster access to troops or a tavern to get a big stack of Minstrels.
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