How To Check When A Discord Account Was Created

October 11, 2022
See when your Discord account was made!

Discord is an instant messaging platform that’s similar to programs such as Skype and Slack but is more geared towards gamers than any other group. Discord allows people the ability to communicate through voice calls, video calls, files sharing and text messaging. People can also be included in communities called “servers”. Sometimes it requires some security and asks information from players. Such as knowing when an account was made to ensure they are not a bot.

Here’s how to check when a Discord account was created.

How To Check When A Discord Account Was Created

Discord does not show you when your account was made, but there is a workaround for this. First you will need to go to your Discord settings and go to “Advanced”.

There you will have to turn on “Developer Mode”. This enables you to see information and menu items that are convenient for people who wish to do something with the Discord API, such as obtaining a person’s ID.

If you want to find out a user’s account age then right click their name and click “Copy ID”. You can also do this to yourself if you want to test it. And you will have to input that in an online Discord database website such as

Once the ID is inputted, it will show you the person’s username and the date and time of their account’s creation!