How To Check The Age Of Your Discord Account

July 19, 2022
Let’s find out how you can check the age of your Discord account!

Discord is a Voice over IP service and chat program that has quickly emerged as a preferred method of communication among gamers all over the world. Text messaging, voice conversations, and video calls are the main forms of communication among its users. There are both new and experienced Discord members. If you’ve been using Discord for a while, you could even forget the day you first signed up. If yes, then let’s learn how to check how old your Discord account is.

How To Check The Age Of Your Discord Account

Prior to Determining the Age of your Discord Account, Apply some Important Settings.

In order to see when your discord account was created, you must first make sure that a Discord account has Developer mode enabled and Streamer mode turned off. To do so follow the instructions as mentioned:

  • Open Discord and click the “user settings” option next to your username.
  • The “Enable Streamer Mode” option should eventually appear as you continue to scroll. This mode has to be turned off.
  • Developer mode can be enabled by choosing “Advanced.”
  • Then you could look up the date when a Discord account was created for someone.

Stepwise Instructions to determine the Creation Date of your Discord Account

A tool from a third party is required to see the age of your Discord Account. All you need to do is enter our account ID, and the program will then return the date the account was created. To acquire your account ID and access the tool, adhere to the procedure below.

  • You may check your account age by going to My Account and clicking on the three dots next to your login.
  • Then right click on your name in the right sidebar of Discord and select “Copy ID.”

Note: Simply right-click on your login and choose “Copy ID” to check the age of your account.

  • Your clipboard will now include the Discord ID. We must visit the third-party tool to obtain your account creation date now that we have our user ID.
  • Click the Discord ID Creation Date Tool link. Enter the Discord ID Section with your account ID. To check the date, click.

That’s it; the website Result Section will now provide you with specific details on your Discord account, including your username, badges, the date your account was created, and whether or not your Discord account is a bot. You may determine the age of your discord account by using the account’s creation date.

You can get a lot of information about Discord users by using this straightforward approach. It is not only efficient but also entertaining to learn when someone created their Discord account. 

You can perform this for any Discord member, and it will tell you all of their information. Many Discord users have numerous identities for various uses and using this approach, you can quickly determine any account’s age and other information.