How To Check If Someone BLOCKED You On Discord

Published: 19 Jul 2022
Check out this guide to know if someone has blocked you on Discord!

You might be perplexed why some Discord members you have previously spoken to are either invisible to you or unreachable. Discord has the same ability to block users you don’t want to communicate with as other messaging services. On Discord, blocking someone is simple, but determining if you’ve been blocked can occasionally be challenging. In light of this, the guide will enable you to determine whether someone has blocked you on Discord.

How To Check If Someone BLOCKED You On Discord

When using discord software, you often share your personal server with another user so that you can communicate with them whenever you want. But what if they’ve blocked you on Discord for some reason? The methods to check so on Discord are as follows:

1.       React to one of their texts.

A blocked person won’t be able to respond to your messages. It’s not necessary to test this in a DM; you may do so in a text or voice channel (although a DM would work too). View the sender’s direct message history and react to one of their messages by Simply long-press or right-clicking any text from the person to select an emoji. 

  • You are not blocked if you can respond to the message. You might look up the person’s message in a shared server and try responding there if you don’t have a personal chat history with them or if they erased all of their Discord messages.

  • This individual has blocked you if the screen trembles or if your response does not show up. Additionally, you might see “Reaction Blocked” if you’re using a phone.
  • If you don’t have reaction permissions for the channel, reactions could also fail. They’ve blocked you if you can respond to everyone else’s messages except this one

2.                   Go through your friend list.

A fast approach to see if someone has blocked you is to look through your friend list. The individual has either blocked you or unfriended you if they abruptly vanish from your friends’ list in the chat app, because on Discord, blocking someone will remove you from each other’s friend lists. 

To access your Discord friends list, follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • On the Discord symbol, tap. It is located in the upper-left portion of your screen.
  • There will be a menu. From there, select the Friends option.
  • To view every buddy you have added to your Discord account, open the “All” tab.

You can now scroll through the list to see if the enquired-about user is on your list of pals or not. There are only two possibilities if the user you are looking for is missing from the list: either they deleted you or blocked you.

Even though there isn’t concrete proof that the person has blocked you, you should check out the next part to truly verify it.

3.                   Send a Friend Request

Try sending the user a friend request if you couldn’t find them on your friends’ list. You are not blocked if the friend request is approved. But if you attempt to add a Discord user who has blocked you, then you’ll encounter a particular warning. 

See what occurs by just clicking or tapping the Send Friend Request button on the person’s profile.

  • If you are blocked, a notification stating as such will appear “Oh, that didn’t work. In order to be sure that you got blocked, it is necessary to make sure the numbers, spelling, spacing, and capitalization are all correct.”
  • The friend request will either be accepted as usual if you are not blocked, or you may notice “No friend requests are being accepted by (username)”.
  • Simply turning off friend requests (or only accepting joins from friends of friends and/or server users) will result in the “not accepting friend requests” notice.

4.                   Send a Private Text

If you believe someone has blocked you, quickly message that individual. In order to send the user, private messages, one should follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Go to the user’s chat box if you have any questions.
  • Press the send button after entering any text in the chat box.

The only answer you will receive once a user blocks you is from the Clyde bot if you send the direct message from your computer. An identical warning will appear if you send the direct message from an Android or iPhone, but it will do so in an Error window rather than from the Clyde bot. 

Additionally, if the message you send is not received, it can appear in red. All of these indications point to the notion that you have been blocked by the person. 

Although this approach is not perfect or a surefire way to determine if someone has blocked you, if you encounter the error “Your message could not be delivered.” then you should be undoubtedly sure that you got blocked.

However, it’s also possible that another user may have “Anyone can message” and other options turned off. The fact that you two might not have shared servers is another factor. To make sure:

  • Go to the user’s profile by clicking.
  • Choose Mutual Servers from the menu.

You and that user’s shared servers on  Discord will appear. It is obvious that you have been blocked if you share some servers but are unable to communicate with them. However, they might not be able to message you if you and they are no longer on the same servers.

5.                   Check User Information in the Profile Section

Checking the person’s user information is another effective way to determine if they have blocked you on Discord. The likelihood that someone has blocked you on Discord is high if you cannot access their Discord bio and they have linked Spotify to the platform in order to arrange Spotify listening events.

   Profile Before Blocking                                                 Profile After Blocking

To access someone’s profile, follow the instructions given below:

  • Click their username on the server. 
  • The person may have blocked you if their “About me” section is unexpectedly empty and there are no longer any social media connections where there once were. 
  • Although it’s also conceivable that they simply deleted their entire profile!

To find out if the person’s profile appears blank to them as well, ask a common acquaintance to look at it. You are blocked if the common buddy can view profile content but you cannot. 

Remember that this approach is less successful than others because they could have easily deleted their bio and hidden their app integration from their profile.