How to Charge Oculus Quest 2 Controllers

Published: 7 Apr 2022
Time to replace the batteries inside the Oculus Quest 2 controller!

The Oculus Quest 2 is one of the most popular VR headsets that is currently available in the market. The controllers of the headset are powered via batteries and in case your controller is running low on batteries then it is time to charge it. In this guide, we will show you how to charge the batteries of your Oculus Quest 2 controller

How to Charge Oculus Quest 2 Controllers

Since the controllers do not have any in-built batteries inside them, you won’t be able to charge them directly. These controllers have a battery compartment where you can put and replace a single AA battery to power it. The battery compartment is somewhat hidden and you need to pull the battery slider in order to access it.

You cannot charge the default battery inside the controller since it is Alkaline however you replace it with a disposable or rechargeable AA battery. Just follow these steps to replace the batteries of your Oculus Quest 2 controllers:

1. Grab your Oculus Quest 2 controller and hold it in the position as shown above with the eject symbol in the upward direction

2. Push the battery compartment slider in the upward direction in order to sllide it open

3.The cover will now pop open and you will be able to access the battery compartment to replace the depleted battery inside it

4. Remove the AA battery that comes with the controller and replace it with another rechargeable or disposable AA battery of your choice. Insert the new battery and align it correctly with the markings. Make sure to dispose of the old battery safely.

5. Slide the cover back in and follow the same steps to replace the battery of the other controller

That’s it, you have now successfully changed the battery of your Oculus Quest 2 controller!