How To Become Red Eye Hollow in Peroxide

August 26, 2023
Find out how to get Red Eye Hollow in Peroxide Roblox

Peroxide is one of the best Roblox games, and it’s based on Bleach anime. Naturally, the game has a lot of elements from the show, and Hollows with their respective races are no exception. There are various stages of Hollow transformations that you can achieve, and Red Eye Hollow is one of those.

It can be confusing for many players as to how they can achieve this stage but don’t worry, as we are here to help. In this Roblox Peroxide guide, we will walk you through all the needed steps for becoming a red-eyed hollow.

How to Become Red Eye Hollow in Peroxide

Image Credit: Builderboy TV

The first step to becoming a Red Eye Hollow in Peroxide is to die as a human and pull your life chain by pressing G. This will turn you into a Hollow, and you can head over to Heco Mondo by using the Gateway ability you get, and here you will see many other Hollows.

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Once you reach Heco Mondo, start killing these other Hollows and level your character up until you reach level 20, where you will become a Red Eye Hollow. However, if you die in that state, you will lose your Red Eye status and turn into a normal Hollow.

There are two ways to recover your Red Eyes, and the first one is to wait for 30 minutes. If you do that, you will automatically get your Red Eye Hollow status back without having to do anything.

The other way is to find and kill another Red Eye Hollow. This is a more difficult path, but if you manage to do that, it will save you a lot of time to progress in Peroxide. The Red Eye Hollows randomly spawn in Heco Mondo, so there is no fixed way to find and kill one.

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