How To Be A Demon In Project Slayers

May 28, 2023
Join the dark side by transforming into a Demon in Project Slayers!

Project Slayers is a popular RPG game where you can choose to side with Demons or become a Slayer in the world of Demon Slayer anime. In case you wish to join the dark side and transform into a Demon then you have come to the right place.

This guide will tell you how to become a Demon in Project Slayers.

How To Be a Demon in project slayers

To transform yourself into a Demon, you will need to reach atleast level 15 or above. You can complete some quests or farm bosses. After you reach level 15, you need to look for Muzan because he is the only one who can grant you Demonic powers.

This is perhaps the more challenging part as there are plenty of locations where you can find Muzan and he is only available during the night.

Some people claim that they have found him outside the Kiribaiting Village others have a different location. If you are having trouble locating then you can purchase a Gamepass to reveal his current location.

However, once you manage to find him, he will assign you two quests and the first one requires you to collect 5 Blue Lily Flowers.

These can be found in random locations around the map and can be easily identified due to their bright blue glow which makes them shine during the night. Some spots where you can find them are Butterfly Mansion, Kiritbating Village and the Final Selection area.

The second quest is looking for Doctor Higoshima and bringing him to Muzan. You can find Doctor Higoshima in a house close to where Bandit Zoku lives.

Just go outside the Kiribating Village and head right where you will come across a wooden platform leading towards the top. On this platform, you will find a wooden house with Doctor Higoshima inside.

Enter the house and carry him back to Muzan at night. After handing over Doctor Higoshima and the 5 Blue Spider Lillies, he will give you his blood.

Open your inventory to select and drink the Muzan Blood, this will transform you into a Demon however there are slight chances of failure. In case you fail then you will need to restart the quests and do the tasks again.

Do note that after the transformation, you will be vulnerable to sunlight and will take 20 HP of damage each second you stand in direct sunlight. To protect yourself, you will need to wear the Straw Hat or join the Kamado Clan.

That’s it, now go ahead and become a Demon by finding Muzan!

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