How To Auto Run In Diablo Immortal

Published: 2 Jun 2022
If you’re looking for how to AutoRun in Diablo Immortal, this guide is specifically for you.

Diablo Immortal can be amazing to play and explore different areas while manually moving your character all the time. But, if you’re someone who plays the game for many hours every day, it is bound for you to get tired of navigating through the map manually. So, here’s a guide to tell you all you need to know about AutoRun in Diablo Immortal.

How To Auto Run In Diablo Immortal

How To Auto Run In Diablo Immortal

Unfortunately, there are some pre-requisites to Auto Running in Diablo Immortal. Unlike other MMO games that let you Auto Run from the very start of the game, usually by selecting the position where you want to go on the map, Diablo Immortal actually requires you to progress the story for the same.

We have mentioned the steps to AutoRun in the game below, but if this doesn’t work for you, it most likely means that you’ve not progressed enough in the story. And currently, it seems like Auto Run for different areas is dependent on the story of that Area.

So, if you’re trying to Auto Run and you can’t while using the method provided below, you just have to progress the story further manually and keep repeating the steps after every Checkpoint until you can actually do it.

This can be really annoying for some players so hopefully, the developers will change that sometime in the future.

As for how to Auto Run in Diablo Immortal, it’s pretty simple. When you’re in a certain area, make sure there are no enemies around you and you’re in a safe place. Open your map by clicking on it or pressing the respective Keybind on your respective device.

Once you’ve opened the map, click on the area you want to reach. This will create a custom pin on that area. Once you’ve done this, you will see the pin on the map with ‘Navigate’ written above it.

Once you see this, you can go ahead and back out of the map. If you’ve done the required amount of the story in the area you’re trying to Auto Run in, your character will automatically start running towards the final destination.

Once this starts, you will see white-color footsteps on the floor in front of your character showing the direction your character is going to go.