How To Add Group Funds in Roblox Mobile

Published: 17 Sep 2021
Adding group funds on PC is very straightforward, but can the same be said for mobile players? In short, no.

Groups and Roblox communities have been really popular ever since the game launched. And now with the new group funds system and the ability to assign roles and select members that can use those funds, players are wondering how they can add group funds. There are multiple ways that this can be done, but where most struggle is adding funds on Roblox mobile.

How To Add Group Funds 2021 – Roblox Mobile

The mobile version of Roblox does have a lot of deficiencies and lack of options compared to the desktop version of the game and/or site. However, there are ways to bypass these inconveniences, mainly by requesting the desktop version of the site.

Here is how to add those group funds in 2021 on Roblox mobile version:

  1. Open Safari or the browser you use on your phone.
  2. Go to the official Roblox website.
  3. Click the “aA” button left of the address bar on the top. (This might vary if you’re on Android, but all you need to do is switch to the desktop version of the website).
  4. Tap “Request desktop version”.
  5. Login to your account using your credentials.
  6. Click on Create > T-Shirts.
  7. Choose a random picture, and name the T-Shirt, then tap “Upload”.
  8. Then, go to the T-Shirt you made, tap the three dots > Configure.
  9. Click the General tab, and tap sales.
  10. Turn on “Item For Sale”, it costs 10 Robux to do this.
  11. Save it, and then click the three dots again and tap “Delete From Inventory”.
  12. Wait three days, and then rebuy the same T-Shirt you made.
  13. The Robux you pay will go directly to your group fund.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a more convenient or sensible way to do this on mobile. But should you must get some funds to your group, use this method.

Of course, make sure that you already have a group to which the Robux can be allocated to once you buy the T-Shirt you’ve made. Also, yes, you do have to wait those three days to buy the T-Shirt.