How Much Is A Skele-Rex Worth in Adopt Me

If you’ve been around the block for a long time in Adopt Me, you already have faced the difficulties of determining the exact value of a particular pet. Trading can be a stressful endavour, and it doesn’t help that there isn’t a clear blueprint on how to determine a value for a pet. One question which many players ask themselves more regularly these days is: How much is a Skele-Rex worth? We tried to pinpoint its exact value.

How Much Is A Skele-Rex Worth – Adopt Me

The Skele-Rex is a legendary pet, and it was a limited time pet, which usually means it’s on the right path in term of its value trajectory. It was part of the Halloween Event that took place in 2020, and it costed a whopping 10 thousand candies.

Of course, at the moment, the only way to get it is by trading with other players. But how much is it exactly? Well, the Skele-Rex is worth approximately about the same as an Artic Fox, a Golden Penguin, a T-Rex, a Llama, or a Neon Lady Bug.

NOTE: Those pets are worth as much as a Skele-Rex individually, and not all of them put together.

There are other pets which ultimately come close to Skele-Rex’s value. Some honorable mentions for pet which can be traded for the Skele-Rex include:

  • Neon Sabertooth
  • Neon Deinonynchus
  • Golden Rat
  • Brown Bear
  • Ninja Monkey
  • Neon Australian Kelpie
  • Dodo

We believe that its value has only a slight chance to grow in the future. Compared to some other limited legendary pets, the Skele-Rex doesn’t have that much demand.

This can only suggest that not many players are looking to get their hands on it, which in-turn means that it is highly unlikely that its value grows, as there is not many players looking to trade for it.

Still, it is fair to mention that this is only pure speculation. In the past, we’ve seen specific cases where pets skyrocketed in value even though they’ve had low demand. Updates can impact the value of pets massively.

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