How Much Is a M-6 Prototype Worth: Roblox

Published: 31 May 2022
Time to find out the current value of M6 Prototype in Pet Simulator X!

There are various pets that players can obtain and unlock in the world of Pet Simulator X.One of them is the pet known as M6 Prototype. This guide will tell you the current value of the pet in the game

How Much Is a M-6 Prototype Worth: Roblox

The M6 Prototype is a pet that belongs to the Mythical rarity and can be obtained from the Dark Tech Egg with a hatching rate of 0.00025%. It is believed to be stronger than the M2 Prototype pet in the game.

The normal version of the M6 Prototype is currently worth 77,654,321 gems while the Gold, Rainbow and Dark Matter versions are worth 223,644,444 gems,335,446,667 gems and 503,200,000 gems respectively.

That’s everything you need to know about the current value of the M6 Prototype in the Roblox!