How Much Is a A-36 Worth: Roblox

Published: 31 May 2022
Time to check the current value of the A-36 Pet in Pet Simulator X!

There are tons of different pets available for players to unlock and collect in Pet Simulator X and one of them is the pet called A36.In this guide, we will tell you the current value of the pet in the game.

How Much Is a A-36 Worth: Roblox

The A-36 is a pet that belongs to the Mythical rarity and can be obtained from the Titanium Egg with a hatching chance of 0.000305%. It is the first Mythical pet in the game and is also the weakest pet available making it the least hatched pet of all time. The A-36 is also rumoured to be the hardest pet to hatch and was available for purchase with the Travelling Merchant from time to time.

The normal version of the A-36 is currently valued at 62,160,494 gems while the Gold,Rainbow and Dark Matter versions are priced at 179,022,222 gems,268,533,333 gems and 402,800,000 gems respectively.

That’s everything you need to know about the current value of A-36 in Pet Simulator X!