How Many Zombies Are In Project Zomboid

June 29, 2023
Wondering about the number of zombie populations in Project Zomboid?

Zombies are the biggest threats that you will encounter in Project Zomboid and these terrifying enemies have humans as their target. Due to its open-world nature, it is only natural to wonder how many zombies Project Zomboid have.

This guide will tell you about the total number of zombies in Project Zomboid.

How Many Zombies Are In Project Zomboid

According to a post on Reddit by u/Quereilla, the total zombie population in Project Zomboids is estimated to be around 52,000 on the map. This is not a definite number since the number of zombies can be affected by various parameters. Since the game also allows you to adjust the number of zombie spawns, the total zombie population can be unlimited.

To analyse the number, the user activated the debug mode in the game and realized that the population level can vary in different sections of the map. This can be seen on the heat map above that reflects that the fields and forests can still be full of zombies even after you have cleared the main town.

The density of the population can vary based on their spawn location with Pony Roam-O having the lowest and West Point having the highest. These zombies can be found almost everywhere in large groups in different parts of the map including roads, highways and towns.

Since they have greater density in urban areas in comparison to their scarce population in rural ones, it is highly advised that you set up your base in a rural area if you are new to the game.

The zombie population cycle will gradually increase and peak after a duration of 28 days. During this period, you will notice them migrating from one part of the map to another and increase in their population.

Here is the total zombie population in the game (area-wise):

LocationZed Population
Main Riverside1500 zeds.
Trailer neighbourhood of Riverside600 zeds.
Country Club:500-700 zeds.
Ekron800 zeds.
Pony Roam300 zeds.
Isolated cabins and houses in the west of the game3800 zeds
Rosewood+Prison5500 zeds
Secret military base5000 zeds
March Ridge:2400 zeds
Muldraugh4000 zeds
Dixie350 zeds
West Point5000 zeds
Valley Station4500 zeds
The Mall4000 zeds
Total of zeds in the map.52000

Do note that changing the population multiplier will also affect the number of zeds in the game. For example, if you select 0.5 then the total zombie population will be 26,000

You can adjust the zombie population in the sandbox options according to your preferences. This can be accessed by selecting the Solo option on the main screen and then choosing Custom Sandbox.

That’s everything you need to know about the total number of zombies in Project Apocalypse!