Horizon Forbidden West: Slitherfang Locations

June 26, 2023
Head over to these locations to find the Slitherfangs in Horizon Forbidden West!

Slitherfangs are large serpentine machines that can move quickly and attack players from a long range. If you are looking for these mechanical monsters to farm Slitherfang Earthgrinders then you have come to the right place.

This guide will tell you the location of Slitherfangs in Horizon Forbidden West

Slitherfang Locations

Alloy will encounter the Slitherfangs for the first time during the Reach for the Stars mission. These snake-like machines can be a deadly threat due to their fast movement speed and ability to perform long-range attacks.

Thankfully just like every other machine, it has a few weak spots with the Slitherfangs being susceptible to Fire, Frost and Plasma. To defeat them easily, you will need to hit their Data Nexus points.

The 1st Slitherfang can be found at the location shown above. You will easily spot them roaming in the vast desert close to some ruined towers and wooden beams.

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Equip a hunter’s bow or a spear to attack their weak points highlighted by glowing yellow colour. Make sure to maintain proper distance and prepare to roll quickly to evade his incoming attacks.

Once you manage to deplete his health, he will start running away allowing you to easily get the last hit and loot the Slitherfang components. The Earthgrinder is the most valuable component that you can be obtained from their corpse and each Slitherfang has 3 Earthgrinders in the middle of its neck.

The 2nd Slitherfang location can also be found as shown above in the southern part of the desert. It can be found creeping next to some destroyed stone towers. Use the ledges on the tower to climb them and get to a better recon location.

From there, you can use your Hunter Bow or Sharpshot Bow to target these mechanized snakes and loot the Earthgrinders from their dead body. These rare resources can be used to craft outfits in the game.

That’s it, now go and find some Slitherfangs in the game!