Honkai Star Rail: Complete Silver Wolf Guide & Build

June 10, 2023
Check out this build to master Silver Wolf’s abilities in Honkai Star Rail!

Honkai Star Rail recently received the 1.1 update which brings several improvements and changes to the game including a new character called Silver Wolf. If you looking to create a build for this 5-Star Quantum character then it is important for you to choose the right equipment, light cones and relics to create a strong team.

This guide will tell you how about the best Silver Wolf build in Honkai Star Rail.

Complete Silver Wolf Guide & Build

Silver Wolf is a 5-star quantum nihility character who excels at debuffing enemies and using her skills to deal with additional elemental weaknesses. You can take advantage of her to increase the team’s overall damage while dealing a blow to the enemy’s team strength at the same time.

Recommended Light Cones for Silver Wolf

Here is a list of all the light cones that you can use in this build:

Before the Tutorial Mission StartsYou can get this limited-time light cone from the Star Hunt Game event. It increases the wearer’s effect hit rate by 40%
Eyes of the PreyThis is a good alternative to the Before the Tutorial Mission Starts one as it provides the same effect of increasing the hit effect by 40% as well as damage over time by 48%
Good Night and Sleep WellThis light cone can increase the damage against debuffed enemies by 12% for each debuff and it can be stacked upto 3 times resulting in upto 30% extra damage
Incessant RainThis 5-star light cone can help you get some extra Effect Hit Rate and Crit Rate. The main attraction however is the boost in damage in damage taken by the enemy that you attack for one turn.It is highly recommended since it is her signature light cone
In the Name of the WorldIncreases the damage to debuffed enemies by 24% while increasing the effect hit rate by 18% and ATK by 24% when a skill is used.

Trace Priority for Silver Wolf

There are a total of eight Traces that you can equip on Silver Wolf with three of them being available during a fight while the rest are passives that are only active in certain situations.

Allow Changes?SkillIf you attack an enemy then there is an 80% chance of inflicting a new weakness on your target. It takes the combat type from one of your teammates and applies it to your enemy. The duration of this effect is 2 turns and it also reduces the corresponding combat by 20%. It also applies an all-type RES down on the enemy by a certain percentage while dealing Quantum DMG
User BannedUltimateDecreases the enemy defences by 40.5% for the three turns. It also applies a massive Quantum DMG equivalent to 304% of Silver Wolf’s ATK to the enemy
Awaiting System ResponseTalentSilver Wolf has a chance of creating three types of bugs when an attack hits an enemy: reduce DEF, reduce ATK and reduce SPD.
System WarningBasic ATKDeals Quantum DMG on a single enemy
GenerateBonus AbilityExtends the duration of the bugs by 1 turn.There is a chance of applying a random bug each time an enemy is inflicted with Weakness Break
Side NoteBonus AbilityIn case there are 3 or more debuffs applied to a enemy after using a skill then All-Type RES of the enemy will be reduced by additional 3%
Effect Hit Rate BoostStat BonusIncreases the Effect Hit Rate by 8%

Recommended Relics for Silver Wolf

The first one is going to be a 4-piece Quantum set to increase damage called the Genius of the Brilliant Stars that provides a 10% Quantum DMG bonus while helping you reduce 20% of the enemy’s DEF during an attack.

The second one is the 4-piece Muskteer of Wild Wheat which provides a significant boost in speed by 6% and basic ATK DMG by 10%.In case you cannot get all 4 pieces of a set, you can mix and match to get 2 pieces of Quantum and 2 pieces of Musketeer.

For the 2 piece, you can go with the Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise which increases the Effect Hit Rate by 10%

Recommended Relic Substats for Silver Wolf

For the substats, you can go with Effect Hit, Speed, Crit Rate, Crit DMG or ATK% in case you cannot find the perfect CRIT DMG. However, make sure to prioritize Effect Hit and Speed as the two main priority substats for Silver Wolf.

Recommended Ediolons for Silver Wolf

Social Engineering (Level 1)It regenerates 7 energy for every debuff after Silver Wolf uses her Ultimate to attack enemies. It can be used upto 5 times every time her Ultimate is used
Zombie Network (Level 2)Reduces the effect RES of an enemy by 20% when they enter a battle
Payload (Level 3)Increases the skill and talent by +2 for a maximum of 15.
Bounce Attack (Level 4)Silver Wolf can deal additional Quantum DMG b after using her Ultimate to attack enemies.This is equal to 20% of her attack for each debuff applied on the enemy
Brute Force Attack (Level 5)Increases the ultimate level by 2 and basic attack by 1
Overlay Network (Level 6)DMG dealt by Silver Wolf increases by 20% for each debuff of the enemy.

Social Network and Zombie Engineering are going to be adequate for most players while you can unlock all of them if you wish to do so.

Team Compositions for Silver Wolf

Here are some of the best team compositions to utilize Silver’s abilities:

1.Yanqing+Pela+Gepard+Silver Wolf(Mono Ice Team)

2. Jing Yuan+Tingyun+Silver Wolf+Bailu (Electric/Lightning Team)

3.Sushang+Natasha+Clara+Silver Wolf(Physical/Silver Team)

4.Seele+Silver Wolf+Fu Xuan+Qingque (Quantum Team)

That’s everything you need to know to create the perfect build for Silver Wolf!