Hogwarts Legacy: Wizard Field Guide

January 22, 2023
Let’s dive deep into the Wizard Field of Hogwarts Legacy and learn more about it.

Hogwarts Legacy is a great yet to be released video game that introduces every single aspect of the Harry Potter saga. In Hogwarts Legacy you have the chance to become a witch or a wizard as well as to learn all the spells through your years of studies. You will be placed in a house and must compete against different houses to become the best by the end of the studying year.

In this guide, you will learn more about the Wizard Field of Hogwarts Legacy.

Wizard Field Guide

In Hogwarts Legacy each student has a Wizard Field which represents the main menu. In this menu, you get to learn many things, including the collectibles, abilities and even game progression. Track the current main and side quests that you are on to make sure to know where exactly you are in the game.

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In the wizard field, you have the followings options:

  • Settings (Place where you can configure your game settings)
  • Owl Post (Represents Mail)
  • Quests (A list of all assignments that you receive throughout your game)
  • Map (A full sized map of Hogwarts as well as all the newly explored areas)
  • Level (You gain levels as you defeat monsters and complete various quests)
  • Gear (A gear menu that shows you all the wands and pieces of equipment you can have on your character)
  • Inventory (All of the items and materials for crafting in one place that you’ve required)
  • Talents (These talents help you unlock special powers for your skills)
  • Collections (Here you will find a full list of all the available collections and the ones you have already collected)
  • Challenges (A list of special challenges that you can complete which will help you get to 100% game progression)

Basically, the Wizard Field is your main menu where you can navigate around to see more things about the game itself as well as how you progress through it.