Hogwarts Legacy: Where To Buy Mallowsweet Leaves

February 9, 2023
Time to buy some Mallowsweet Leaves to enter the Merlin Trials!

Growing and harvesting plants in Hogwarts Legacy is an important activity since different plants offer different effects and are often required for crafting potions or for completing quests. The Mallowsweet Leaves is one such plant which is often required to enter or pass a Merlin Trial, found in different parts of the map. This guide will tell you how and where to find the Mallowseet Leaves in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where To Buy Mallowsweet Leaves

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In order to purchase the Mallowsweet Leaves, you will need to find a merchant such as the one found in Hogsmeade Valley. Just head over to The Magic Neep via the West Hogsmeade teleporter and there you will find Timothy Teasdale at the location shown above.

Once you reach there, you will find a guy in a hat sitting there called Timothy Teasdale who will be eager to sell you all sorts of items including Seeds, Fertilisers and Mallowsweet Leaves. You can purchase the Mallowsweet Seeds for 200 coins to grow the plant yourself or purchase a single leaf for 100 coins if you are running short on time.

These seeds can be then grown in a Greenhouse or the Room of Requirement in a small pot. It will take 10 minutes in real life for the seeds to mature and the plant to grow fully. Each plant will provide you with 5 Mallowsweet Leaves which can be used to enter the Merlin Trials or create potions that help with Astrology.

Do note that you will need to complete the Trials of Merlin story quest to participate in the Merlin Trials and this quest will be available after you meet Natty Onai in Lower Hogsfield. These trials will often reward you with good quality gear such as hats and robes that will help you improve your character stats.