Hogwarts Legacy – Unable To Complete Save Fix

February 13, 2023
Use this workaround to restore your precious save files!

Hogwarts Legacy has been off to a great start with the game receiving praise from reviewers and critics alike. However, it seems that journey hasn’t been completely smooth with some players reporting that a bug is causing their save games to disappear. Having your game’s progress suddenly deleted can be pretty annoying and there is a workaround to fix this.

This guide will tell you how to fix the progress not saving bug in Hogwarts Legacy.

Unable To Complete Save Fix

According to posts shared by players on Reddit, players are facing issues with their game’s save file suddenly disappearing.

This can be outright frustrating and annoying especially when you put in hours of hard work completing quests and upgrading your character’s gear.

Thankfully, some users have found a workaround to fix the issue and the first thing that you need to do when your save file gets deleted is to exit the game and navigate to the save folder.

If you have purchased it from Steam then you will find the save game in this directory:

C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\%RANDOMNUMBER%\”

Copy the folder to another convenient location such as your Desktop where it can be easily accessed later.

Now, launch the game and create a new character and wait for the cutscenes to finish until you reach the first autosave point when your character receives a healing potion.

This will allow the auto-save feature to create a new file automatically for this new character.

These files will be saved in the save game directory mentioned earlier as “HL-00-10.sav” with the number increasing as the game saves further.

Navigate to this folder while the game is running in the background and make sure to copy the name of the last save file created by the game.

Navigate to the location where you have stored the old save game and rename it to the same name as the new save file.

Now open the game’s directory to access the location where the save games are stored to overwrite the new save file.

Restart the game and you will notice that your progress has been successfully restored.

Apparently, this issue occurs when players try to manually save their game so it is recommended to avoid manual saving until the developers release an update to fix this bug.

Make sure to take a backup of your saved game files from time to time either manually or by using software such as GameSave Manager.

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