Hogwarts Legacy: The Path to Hogwarts Quest Guide

February 6, 2023
Time to see what the Path to Hogwarts quest has to offer.

There are a ton of quests that you can complete in Hogwarts Legacy. These quests will grant you some extra rewards as well as help you become a much better wizard in all of Hogwarts. Go on a journey throughout your studying years and learn the most difficult spells out there.

Today, in this guide, you will learn more about The Path to Hogwarts Quest for Hogwarts Legacy.

The Path to Hogwarts Quest Guide

The quest begins with you and Professor Fig. You two will obtain a Portkey which is somehow connected to Hogwarts. Your main objective now is to follow Professor Fig until you find the first clues for Hogwarts.

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Here you will also learn your first spell called the Basic Cast. This ability will break through magical glass wall. You will then proceed heading into the magical ruin.

As you continue to explore the ruins, you will find some sort of a magical portal that you cannot go through. You will wake up in a strange room where there is going to be a Goblin Banker who is sleeping. You try to wake him up and he will require you the Portkey.

The Portkey will be the first thing that you will give to learn more about this investigation.

You will continue on the railway system with the goblin as you make it slowly towards the vault that is compatible with the Portkey.

Inside the vault, you will be locked. Here you also need to learn the Revelio spell which will reveal a hidden secret door inside that same vault. Stick close to Professor Fig and continue exploring. Shortly after, you will learn how to use the Lumos spell and awaken the stone statues.

Small mistake there, because those statues are not so friendly and you must fight them off.

After fighting the statues, you will enter another secret room and see a Pensive. The Pensive is used for looking through the memories of others. Simply drop a tear from the person you want to see their memory and begin learning more.

You will be interrupted by Ranrok as he tries to stop you and take you away from the vault. Little does he know is that you have a giant stone statue that will try to assist you by any means.

Now the final cut-scene begins as you and Professor Fig will run away from the vaults and slowly catch a train and visit Hogwarts for the first time.

And that is how the first story based quest ends in Hogwarts Legacy. Now it’s up to you to see in which house the sorting hat will pick you to try and become the best witch and wizard in Hogwarts history.