Hogwarts Legacy – The Library Annex Central Hall Rune Door Puzzle Solution

February 9, 2023
Check out this guide to unlock the door in the Library Annexe Central Hall!

Hogwarts Legacy is full of all sorts of puzzles and some of them are hard to solve. As you discover all the hidden rooms and hallways of rooms of Hogwarts, you will come across locked doors that can be opened by solving puzzles. One such puzzle can be found in the Library Annex of the Central Hall. This guide will tell you how to solve the Central Hall puzzle door in the game.

The Library Annex Central Hall Rune Door Puzzle Solution

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When you enter the Library Annex area in the Central Hall, you will come across a puzzle door next to the Arithmancy classroom and a note beside it with 10 animal symbols printed on it. This note contains a list of different animals and the number that it represents. You will also notice that the archway of the door has 10 different symbols and two puzzles in the middle showing two numbers.

Here are the corresponding values assigned to each animal on the door:

  • 0 – Demiguise
  • 1 – Unicorn
  • 2 – Dragon
  • 3 – Runespoor
  • 4 – Owl
  • 5 – Quintaped
  • 6 – Salamander
  • 7 – Squid
  • 8 – Spider
  • 9 – Snakes

To open and solve the puzzle and unlock the door, you will need to flick different animal symbols so that they add up and form the number shown in the centre of the door. The sum of all the three numbers in the triangle must be equal to the number in the centre.

In order to solve this puzzle, you will need to find the animal with the correct numerical value to create the number shown on the door. For example, the first puzzle contains the numbers 21 and 17 so you will need to find animal symbols that add up to these numbers respectively.

The first triangle contains the number 11 and a dragon symbol along with a question mark. By referring to the index above, we know that the value of dragon is 2 so 11+2=13, now we need to add 8 more to get to 21. The Spider symbol has a value of 8 which means that we have to flip the switch containing the Spider symbol on the left side of the door.

Similarly, to reach the sum of 17 in the second puzzle, we have two animal symbols which are the Snake and the Quintaped in the triangle. The Snake corresponds to the number 9 whereas the Quintaped means the number 5. Since 9+5=14, we simply need to add 3 more which is the Runespoor symbol found in the top left corner by heading up the stairs.

Once the door is opened, you will be able to claim the treasure present inside. The key to solving these door puzzles is to ensure that the sum of all three numbers is equal to the number shown in the centre.