Hogwarts Legacy: Room Of Requirement Guide

February 9, 2023
Looking to be creative and start making your custom designs in the Room of Requirements for Hogwarts Legacy? Well, you’ve came to the right spot.

Many years ago, whenever the original Harry Potter saga was released, visitors got introduced to the Room of Requirements. This room will present to those who truly need it. In Hogwarts Legacy, this is the main room that all players get to relax and upgrade their character, as well as customize the room to make it look however they want.

In this guide, we will go into details about the Room of Requirements in Hogwarts Legacy.

Room Of Requirement Guide

Once you enter the Room of Requirements, your mind begins to relax as you start becoming the most creative person in the world. Go around your magical room and swing that wizard wand towards objects to make them change their shape, position and even size.

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As you work around your room to make it unique and look however you like, you will notice the lack of Moonstone that you have.

Moonstone are materials that are required for you to spend whenever you want to add a new piece of furniture. Moonstone can be obtained by completing various events in the game, or simply by removing some furniture that is unwanted in your room.

You can go around at almost every object, select it and use the given options to begin customizing it.

One of the best features in the Room of Requirements is the Loom. The Loom can be used to add and upgrade a secondary stat, or apply Traits to your gear. These small upgrades can give you a great benefit whenever you are in the battlegrounds fighting all sorts of monsters.

Select each item to either view the upgrade or view the trait. You will then be given a list of all the available traits as well as upgrades you can do to it.

We really hope this guide helped you figure out what all the fuss is about the Room of Requirements for Hogwarts Legacy. Now head out there and make the best looking room!