Hogwarts Legacy: Find The Secret In The Restricted Section Guide

February 6, 2023
Check out this guide to find the secret in the restricted section for Hogwarts Legacy.

There are a ton of quests that you can complete in Hogwarts Legacy. These quests will grant you some extra rewards as well as help you become a much better wizard in all of Hogwarts. Go on a journey throughout your studying years and learn the most difficult spells out there.

In this guide, you will learn how you can find the secret in the restricted section for Hogwarts Legacy.

Find The Secret In The Restricted Section Guide

To get to the secrets that are inside the Restricted section for Hogwarts Legacy, you first must complete a series of quests.

The first quest that we have in stored is called Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1.

In this quest, you are assigned to win two rounds of Crossed Wands which requires you to complete a round of spell combination practice with Lucan Brattleby.

This is a battle that you need to compete in and destroy a purple shield that your opponent has. After that, you must drain them with magical spells.

After completing that quest, you will obtain another objective called Spell Combination Practice.

In this quest, you will have a practice dummy and will need to practice the Accio spell. The accio spell is a CC ability and will stun the target on impact. You then need to hit another four consecutive basic attacks to deal as much damage as possible as well as knock the enemy far away in the air.

The second round will be with the Levioso spell. After levitating the opponent in the air, follow up by hitting it with another four consecutive basic attacks to deal as much damage as possible.

And the final challenge will be a spell combination which you will see at the top center of your screen. Follow those actions until you’ve successfully completed the objective.

Make your way back to Professor Hecat and learn more about the Incendio spell which will shoot flames out of your wand. After learning and unlocking the Incendio spell, you will be given the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest.

In this quest, you will have to talk a lot with different members in Hogwarts and get to use the invisibility cloak for the first time to sneak in the library.

Inside the library you will need to find a book. Use the invisibility cloak as well as your spells to get through all the guards and obstacles, the quest mark is not that far!

After finding the book, you will continue to go deeper into the cave and start searching for the secret hidden in the restricted section.

You will find a magical entrance that will lead you to the Athenaeum.

In the next area, you will be in what appears to be a dungeon filled with strong sentinels. Here you must discover the secret of the Antechamber. This next book that you will find holds the secrets to Hogwarts and the beginning of magic.

Slowly you try and make your way out of the restricted area and your quest will be completed.