Hogwarts Legacy – Demiguise Moon Turn-In Location

February 11, 2023
Find all the Demiguise Moon statues to learn the Alohomora spell!

In order to unlock the Alohomora spell in Hogwarts Legacy, you will need to find 3 Demiguise Moons from statues for Mr Moon during a main story quest. This will spell will allow you to use magic to pick locks which can be pretty handy for getting access to restricted areas. Once you manage to discover all the statues, you will need to turn them in to unlock the spell.

This guide will tell you the location to turn in all the Demiguise statues to complete the quest.

Demiguise Moon Turn-In Location

There are a total of 33 Demiguise Moons with 3 required to unlock the spell and the rest used to further upgrade it to Rank 2 and Rank 3.

After you manage to collect the 3 Demiguise Moons from the statues, head over to the South Wing Floo Flame location.

Go straight from there through the corridor and you will find Gladwin Moon standing in the right corner near the painting in the hallway.

Talk to him and hand over the moons that you have collected to unlock the Alohomora spell. Mr Moon will tell you that he feels relieved and he will promise to teach you even more powerful forms if you bring in more moons.

Once you manage to unlock the spell, you will need 9 more Demiguise Moons to upgrade the spell to Rank 2 and 9 more if you want the last upgrade to Rank 3.

You can then find 8 more Demiguise Moons if you wish to unlock the Demiguise Dreead Trophy in the game.

Do note that these statues can only be collected during the night so you will need to change the time from the menu by pressing R3/RS.

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