Hogwarts Legacy – Banding Camp Castle Chest Locations

February 9, 2023
It’s time to see how you can locate the Banding Camp Castle Chest in Hogwarts Legacy. Check out this guide!

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will meet up with a ton of witches and wizards. Some of those witches and wizards will have some valuable information that you can take from them if you complete their given mission. Most of the missions in Hogwarts Legacy will require you to locate some hidden places and obtain great rewards from them.

In this guide, you will see how you can locate the Banding Camp Castle Chest for Hogwarts Legacy.

Banding Camp Castle Chest Locations

These are multiple chests that you can locate around any Banding Camps around the forbidden forest. The Bandit camps are filled with a ton of strong guards who will take you out if you get seen.

These camps have a small camp icon on the map. If you hover over with your cursor above them, you will get more information about each camp.

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Once you are here, make sure to use the invisibility cloak and stay well hidden. Try to take out the guards one by one by throwing large stones or stunning them slowly. Make sure to stay hidden at all times as they will outnumber you and defeat you quickly.

Scan the area and check out all the camps around the area. In the largest camp, usually you will find a treasure chest that contains some great loot, even pieces of equipment.

And just like that, you will be able to find all the banding chests around the bandit camps in Hogwarts Legacy. Just make sure to look at the map and you will eventually find them around the Forbidden Forest.

We really hope this guide helped you find the Banding chests in Hogwarts Legacy. Stay tuned for more upcoming guides, gamer!