Hogwarts Legacy – All Brocburrow Merlin Trial Puzzles

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with puzzles and challenged that you much complete which are given from the wisest professors out there. Completing these puzzles and objectives will grant you great rewards as well as get you some cool appearance-based items.

Today in this guide, we will look into all Brocburrow Melin Trial puzzles for Hogwarts Legacy.

All Brocburrow Merlin Trial Puzzles

Brocburrow Merlin Trial 1 – Giant Stone

This puzzle is located at the very east part of the Hogwarts Valley.

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Once you get to this area, you will see a circle engraved into the ground. Get close to it and you will see that you need to use Mallowsweet to begin this puzzle.

Once you’ve used the Mallowsweet, use your Revelio spell and look towards the north side where you will see a blue outline of some rocks. Get close to those rocks and break them all.

Continue going forward and break the final rock barricade to where you will free a big rock ball. From here on now, you need to guide the giant rock ball towards a hole that is meant for the ball. Use the revellio spell again here to see where the hole is.

That is how you can complete this trial. Onto the next one!

Brocburrow Merlin Trial 2 – Moonstone Puzzle

This next trial is located just west from the previous one. Get to the marked area on the map to interact with the merlin puzzle by adding Mallowsweet to it.

You will also see a boulder next to the trial which needs to be filled up with Lacewing Flies. After adding Mallowsweet to the trial, look around the area and go towards areas that have Lacewing flies.

Get close to the flies and use your Lumos spell to attract all the flies to your magic want and guide them back towards the pillar.

Repeat this same process four times to the four pillars to complete the Moonstone Merlin trial

And there you have it, gamers. That is how you can complete the Brocburrow Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy.

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